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Why You Should Use Aloe to Relieve Sunburn

September 08, 2020 1 Comment

Why should you use aloe to relieve sunburn?

Dealing with a sunburn is not pretty, it’s very painful and it can end up causing redness and inflammation. However, there are some natural remedies to help you deal with this type of issue, and aloe vera is the best one of all. With the right aloe-based product, you can easily bring in immediate relief and also assist in repairing the damaged skin.

How can aloe help you relieve your sunburn?

There are many reasons why aloe vera is widely regarded as a great anti-sunburn solution. Aloe itself is a succulent plant and it has tremendous healing properties. People have been using aloe gel for a very long time. The clear gel from its leaves is suitable for rashes, skin burns, psoriasis and many more skin discomforts. This plant offers amazing soothing properties and tremendous sunburn relief.

This plant helps lower the inflammation caused by the sunburn. All the swelling, redness and pain go away because aloe starts inhibiting the cyclooxygenase pathway. This is what leads to an anti-inflammatory effect. On top of that, aloe vera also boosts the collagen production. By doing that, it boosts your skin’s elasticity, dryness and firmness at the highest possible levels.

With help from aloe vera you can also moisturize your skin too. It contains mucopolysaccharides, which are sugars that will help retain skin moisture. Since aloe vera also has salicylic acid, you will notice it can ease pain and help your body stay away from and battle infections naturally. Then there’s the fact that aloe vera also has vitamins E, C and A, all of which can help you deal with free radicals and lower sun damage.

How can you use aloe vera for sunburn relief?

If you have the ability, try to acquire the gel directly from the aloe plan just by cutting the leaf and acquiring the gel. However, that’s not always possible. The best approach is to find a moisturizer, lotion or cream that includes as much aloe vera as possible. You want a high percentage of aloe vera because it will help you relieve the sunburn naturally and without having to think about any side effects. 

Dandy Day's signature product, Aid Creme, is a great product because it has only natural ingredients and it provides quick sunburn relief. You can apply it on the damaged skin and before you know it the pain will go away within hours depending on the situation. It’s a great purchase especially if you want to deal with skin issues naturally, and its results can be extraordinary.

You can keep it in the fridge for a bit to boost its cooling and calming effect, or you can use it at the room temperature. Remember that you can apply this as often as desired with no side effects. It’s a great purchase, especially if you’re dealing with sunburn or want to take it with you when you go to the beach. The Aid Creme is one of the best anti-sunburn solutions and one that you want to check out right away!

Aid Creme is available in both 8oz and 4oz Jars. 

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Eloise Pike
Eloise Pike

September 06, 2021

I have used your products since they were first started and I was hoping I could find them again after a long pause in the company. I have always liked the shampoo. Is it available? I do not see it on your products list. If not, when will it be available again? I still have some KleannKlear that works great on my aging skin’s occasional problems.

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